From consultant to director

Suzanne Feeney

Suzanne Feeney joined Robert Walters Ireland as a recruitment consultant in 2007 and now is our Director for Legal, Compliance, Funds, Business Support and Financial Services Divisions. She discusses culture and career progression opportunities in our Irish office.

How did you start at Robert Walters?

After backpacking around South America for six months, I started looking for an opportunity to work with an international company. I had worked in recruitment for a few years before travelling and when I saw that Robert Walters was hiring, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. When I met with the MD of the Irish business, Louise Campbell, I was really excited about what the company had to offer. What really sold the role to me was their passion for their clients and candidates, and I was drawn to the team based profit sharing model. I felt there was a huge focus on quality, professionalism and team work as well as a clearly defined career path.

How has your career progressed since you joined?

I initially joined as a consultant in 2007 and over the next few years I worked my way up to senior consultant and then manager. Then I became associate director and finally director in 2016 – effectively taking on responsibility for a number of teams including legal, compliance, funds, financial services and business support. During my time with the company I have had the opportunity to travel to other offices worldwide and attended annual incentive trips to places like Cape Town. So, I’ve grown with the business over the last 11 years.

What do you like most about your role?

I love being part of a global corporate business and I really enjoy the variety of work – no two day’s are ever the same. There is such a strong team culture in Robert Walters that there is always support whether locally or internationally. I love the access we have through our network of global offices to international market information, candidates and trends – it helps us plan and share ideas on a much greater scale. I also get huge satisfaction supporting the development and progression of consultants on my team - seeing them achieve promotions or international transfers is so rewarding.

What has kept you motivated?

Definitely the people I work with including candidates, clients and colleagues! Supporting candidates in their job search is very rewarding; it can be a daunting experience for many, so it’s a privilege when they entrust us with this. I am really fortunate that I work with such great people in Robert Walters and they have been hugely supportive and motivational during my time here. You can work long hours in recruitment, particularly when you are developing a desk or division, so it’s a bonus when you really like the people you spend the most of your day with and know they are always there to help.

How would you describe the culture in the Dublin office?

Teamwork is rewarded across the business and that’s really reflected in the Dublin office. We’re a really close office, and strong relationships have been established across the teams which has created a positive and friendly culture. The company has also helped to foster the team-based culture by offering incentives, fun days and breakfast and lunches together. 

What’s unique about working for Robert Walters?

The proven track record in recruitment and strong candidate and client base are a testament to the strength of our business. We’re also lucky to count some of Ireland’s and the world’s greatest brands as our clients.

It is a great place for career progression. I have had so many opportunities working here and there has always been new challenges and places to move up into. It’s a great place for a long-term career. It can be a challenging job, but there are many rewards for someone who is willing to work hard, as hard work is recognised here. 

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