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Bob Moseman

Bob Moseman worked in financial services for 10 years before joining Robert Walters in 2017 as a senior executive recruiter. Bob shares what motivated him to make a career change, why he chose to work for Robert Walters and what sets us apart from other recruitment firms.

Why did you change careers?

I’d worked for the same trading and operations firm for 10 years, and it was my first job out of college. After a decade working with the same company, I’d reached a point in my career where if I wanted to make a change, I knew I had to do it at that point or I never would. 

I loved working with people, and wanted a career that offered the opportunity to learn new skills and work with different businesses, so when I was offered a role with a small recruitment firm in upstate New York, I thought that could be the perfect opportunity. 

The transition from financial services to recruitment felt very natural. My experience in trading meant that I was already very comfortable dealing with clients over the phone and working in a busy, fast-paced environment. Having a background in financial services allowed me to quickly build credibility with the clients and candidates I worked with. 

Why did you choose to work for Robert Walters?

My early experiences with recruitment were very positive, and focused heavily on working with great candidates and helping them to find their next role and develop their career. 

What attracted me to Robert Walters was the entrepreneurial culture - as a recruiter, you are given the autonomy to create your own business development strategy. I was excited by the opportunity to work directly with clients to deliver recruitment solutions that meet their needs, as well as work with candidates as I had in my previous role, and building a network of outstanding financial services professionals. 

The location is pretty fantastic as well; we’re in the heart of Times Square. We’re so close to our clients and so central. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Because of my previous experience working in financial services, I’m seen as a subject matter expert and a trusted advisor by my clients and candidates – they come to me for guidance, market insight and advice, and I find that really personally rewarding. I understand their needs because I’ve been in their shoes and that means I can deliver an excellent service to them.

At Robert Walters, our team-based commission model means that we deliver the best outcome for clients and candidates. We work together to find the right recruitment solution for them. We’re methodical and strategic when it comes to conducting our searches for clients, ensuring we find people who will add value to their organisation. Our depth of knowledge and collaborative environment means that we’re able to advise our candidates of the best career choices they can make.

What’s the culture like at Robert Walters?

It’s an incredibly collaborative environment, and when a business is structured to promote and reward teamwork, like it is at Robert Walters, then it’s just a great place to come into every day. It’s so important to work with people you really respect and admire, and here that starts at the top and I knew after my first interview that people enjoy working here. We have a great group of people who all have unique backgrounds and a mix of experience which makes it a dynamic place to work.

Because of our team-based commission model, we set ourselves apart from our competitors, and it’s a great message to be able to communicate. It also means we really work together and share ideas. Everyone helps because they genuinely want to see their colleagues succeed. 

There are also so many opportunities to develop new ideas or initiatives, like exploring a new area of business, or niche of recruiting or being a mentor for junior team members.  

What advice would you give to someone considering a move into recruitment? 

Be patient, be confident and have fun. It can take time to build a portfolio of candidates and clients but you’re in an environment at Robert Walters that’s built on collaboration and mentorship, so you will have all of the building blocks to help you be an absolute success in your career.


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