What makes a successful recruitment consultant

Astrid Truffaut

Astrid Truffaut has worked at Robert Walters since graduating from university in 2000. Since then she has worked her way up from researcher to database manager to our internal recruitment manager in France. We asked her what she looks for when hiring potential recruitment consultants to work for us.

My career progression 

“I started out in my career with Robert Walters as a team secretary and was lucky enough to work with an infectiously ambitious team. I’ve always worked very closely with the business particularly with the directors. We were growing so fast and there were a lot of opportunities - whenever I was bored I would simply ask my boss what could I do next and I was given the chance to do it. So it's a very entrepreneurial environment.

In 2007 I was promoted to database manager where I was working closely with all the businesses in Europe and helping to train them on a new database roll out. Then, in 2012, the opportunity arose to become an internal recruitment manager.

Recruiting someone to work for Robert Walters

A huge part of my role is to make sure we maintain high quality standards of recruitment and that we present the brand in the best light in the market. When searching for new talent I work closely with managers and directors from the different divisions and we really encourage our staff to make referrals and believe this is often the best way to find people.

I initially meet with potential candidates, before that person goes on to meet more people in the business. Someone interviewing for a role with us will usually meet around three or four people altogether, including directors. I always encourage candidates to explore the market, because I want them to make the right decision - of course I believe we’re the best!

What do you look for in a potential recruitment consultant?

Firstly, we look for people with professional backgrounds as we need people from the specialist areas we recruit for, so if we’re looking for someone in the accounting team I will generally need someone with a background in finance or accounting.

We also look for people who have an entrepreneurial spirit, good communication skills, resilience and who are a good team fit. Personality is also really important and is 80% of what we are looking for. But above all you need to be able to sell. It helps to be very ambitious and to want to make money - and you can make a lot of money if you’re willing to put the work in.

Why work for Robert Walters?

Robert Walters is a great place for career progression. I have had so many opportunities here so I never needed to leave - I was given the freedom to do the things I wanted and to change things in the company. There were always new challenges and places to move up into. It’s a great place for a long-term career.

It can be a challenging job, but there are many rewards for someone who is willing to work hard. Hard work is recognised here. For example we had a particularly fun weekend a few years back when the whole office got to go on a trip to St. Tropez. But for me, putting a smile on a candidates face when I tell them they’ve got the job with us, is the best thing about my job."

We look for people who have an entrepreneurial spirit, good communication skills and resilience.


Interested in a career with us?

Please send an up-to-date CV to astrid.truffaut@robertwalters.com.