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Sally Martin first started at Robert Walters in 2003 and worked her way up to director level. Recently she has taken on a new role as Global Head of Talent Acquisition for our recruitment outsourcing business, Resource Solutions.

We asked Sally about the culture at Resource Solutions and the opportunities available for someone who is interested in working in an exciting and dynamic recruitment outsourcing environment.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

“A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider acts as an extension to a company’s human resources function, sitting onsite and providing an end to end hiring solution. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, an RPO provider takes full accountability and ownership of the entire recruitment process on behalf of a client.

We are also a Managed Service Provider (MSP) so we can manage a client's temporary recruitment and take responsibility for the ongoing management of the contingent workforce.

Tell us about Resource Solutions

At Resource Solutions, we provide bespoke recruitment outsourcing solutions for the world’s leading brands. As well as offering RPO and MSP services, we also work in partnership with our clients to help continually improve the hiring process. With our dedicated innovation team and award winning recruitment technology, talentsource, we can support end-to-end recruitment lifecycle tracking. Our aim is to deliver services that are flexible and that put our clients’ needs first.

What sort of roles are available?

There are three routes people can take when they come to work for us. First we have vendor recruiters, who manage external agencies, to source people on behalf of our clients. Then we have direct recruiters who source candidates directly. These can either be based onsite with our clients, or at one of our global service centres (GSCs). Finally, there is the option to work in a back office or team support role within the Resource Solutions business itself.

The type of roles we look to fill here can be anything from payroll staff, secretarial and support, marketers, IT staff and internal HR staff. We also hire for managerial roles in our London Head Office and GSCs.

How would you describe the culture at Resource Solutions?

We’re part of the Robert Walters Group so share a similar culture - it’s very much work hard/play hard. Our people are our brand ambassadors and have a great sense of pride in working for us. I think one of the best things about Resource Solutions is how we celebrate success globally. For instance, this year we hosted an inaugural internal awards ceremony. What was nice about these awards was that it was peer voting, so it meant a lot to people.

Management are also really good at recognising success, if you’ve worked hard they’ll take you out to lunch, or recognise you in a monthly wrap up to say thanks.

Opportunities to move into different industries

One of our key selling points is our client base. We work with fantastic clients from a variety of industries, from finance and media to large tech companies. This means our people can utilise their skill set and move into a whole new industry – there are lots of opportunities for internal mobility. For example, Tom Lakin was an onsite recruiter with one of our technology clients and is now a manager in our Innovation team. Innovation was an area he had a keen interest in, so we facilitated that move for him when the opportunity arose.

We’re a rapidly growing business, not just in the UK, but worldwide. We recently opened new GSCs in Manchester, Hyderabad in India and Jacksonville in the US. For people who work hard there are opportunities to work abroad in one of our global offices.

What sort of people do you look to hire?

We look for people who are team players and who can work collaboratively. While we often hire staff from RPO and MSP backgrounds, this could be a great opportunity for someone working in a human resources or an in-house recruitment role, or those who would be interested in moving over from agency side recruitment.”


We are growing rapidly in the US and all around the world. For people who work hard there are opportunities to work abroad in one of our global offices.

Find out more about career opportunities with us. Call Sally on +44 (0) 20 7379 3333 or email with your updated CV.

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