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I'm Robert Walters

From day one at Robert Walters, I've been given outstanding opportunities to develop and grow my career through training and mentoring from some of the industry's best. I started my career here with our six-week introductory training academy, covering a wide range of the fundamentals of recruitment theory and best practice:

The Candidate Side of Recruitment
Weeks 1 to 3
The Client Side of Recruitment
Weeks 4 to 6
  • Candidate recruitment lifecycle
  • Registering candidates
  • Running candidate meetings
  • Qualifying resumes
  • Methods of sourcing
  • Shortlisting
  • Client recruitment lifecycle
  • Business development strategy
  • Handling client objections
  • Running client meetings
  • How to take a job brief from clients
  • Negotiating terms of business

For new starters, the training academy comprises both classroom sessions and role-play activities, which provide a great foundation and ensure that you're well prepared with the knowledge and skills you'll need on day one. I was even able to shadow and support senior managers and senior consultants in candidate meetings, after which they gave me really useful feedback for my development.

At the end of my first year, I was in a masterclass workshop with a small group of consultants who had joined around the same time. This was more advanced training, giving me tips, new ideas and feedback to focus on developing my strengths, and leaving me with actions to take away for areas that I needed to improve upon. My manager supported me over the next several months, working with me on the development points that had been recommended.

After completing the masterclass, I was delighted to be promoted to Managing Consultant. I undertook a second masterclass, as well as management training to support my transition to leading a team, learning about critical topics like:

  • Hiring for your own team
  • Motivating high performers
  • Managing underperformers
  • Creating a good culture and team environment
  • Managing different personalities
  • Raising the bar for your team

The training that I've received at Robert Walters has been so invaluable because it was always focused on helping me make actionable changes to improve my performance or become a better manager. After each session, I've always been provided with feedback and a development plan that I could take away and implement with the support of my manager.

Aside from formal training courses, however, another way we develop our people at Robert Walters is through mentoring — since joining Robert Walters, my various managers have assigned me a mentor to support with my development, listen when I need support, provide me with unbiased feedback, and offer tips and suggested solutions to take away and apply. 

Before joining Robert Walters, I had worked in recruitment for four years back in the UK, and in that time, received very little in terms of training or development. That's why I've been so impressed by the well-thought-out training, coaching and mentoring that I have received throughout my career at Robert Walters. During my time here, I have received development sessions which have enabled me to continuously develop, and have enabled my rapid progression to manager within two years of joining, to senior manager within four years, and now, to my current role as an associate director in our Sydney office.

These fantastic development opportunities have influenced the recruiter that I am today, as well as the way I manage my teams. Currently, I lead two teams with fourteen individuals at varying levels of their career with Robert Walters. On a Monday, I have a 1:1 session with each one of my team members to set them up for the week, set goals and support them where they need my help. I then check in with them on a Wednesday afternoon and have a quick session to see how their week is tracking and rehash on their goals and plan for the week. At the end of each month, quarter and year, we review their performance and work on development areas to set SMART goals together:

  • Specific, to define the actions they need to take to reach their goal
  • Measurable, so that we can see what progress they've made
  • Attainable within the reality of day-to-day work
  • Relevant, ensuring that we're working together towards common goals
  • Time-based, to hold ourselves accountable to the change we want to see

I am a strong believer in mentors, so each of my team members is assigned a new mentor every six months to ensure that the relationships continue to add value to their ongoing success. As a leader, however, I also host coaching sessions to help my team learn, improve their performance and focus on where they are at currently, making sure they're not getting distracted by what may have happened in the past or getting lost in what is ahead.

I joined Robert Walters with the ambition of being a top achiever, to increase my earning potential and develop into a leadership role. Robert Walters has supported me with all three of these ambitions in a very short time frame, and I truly believe this was due to the training, mentoring and coaching that I have received from leaders in the business.

During my five years at Robert Walters, I've qualified for the Incentive Weekend for top achievers, as well as receiving numerous accolades and incentive rewards for monthly, quarterly and annual performance. My earning potential as a consultant and senior consultant, and now, in a leadership role, has far exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, I've been able to work in a fun, energetic, competitive, team environment with a great work-life balance and flexible work arrangements. 

If you're looking for a role where you can work in an exciting performance-based sales environment, and want the opportunity to develop into a leader with a global business, a role at Robert Walters could be the place for you!

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