I’m making all the right connections
I'm Robert Walters

I started my career in a Big4 accounting firm and worked my way to manager before starting a business controller job at an international dredging company. Today, I'm a consultant in the Robert Walters interim management division, and switching to recruitment was the right choice for me.

I’ve always been interested in economics and mathematics, so after obtaining my master's in financial management, I aspired to a career in finance. It was my aim to start my professional working life in a Big 4 firm, as it would allow me to learn a lot about different sectors and the way organisations operate. Although the workload and pressure were high, I loved the team spirit and the career opportunities I was offered. Once I was promoted to manager, I decided to move into a pure finance role and joined an international dredging company as business controller.

Soon after I joined them, I was approached by another recruitment agency to consider a career in recruitment. At that time, it didn’t really feel like a step forward to me, so I turned it down. But as the months went by, my desire to learn more about recruitment grew, and I contacted a former colleague from the Big4, who recently joined Robert Walters. The way he talked about his role as a recruitment consultant made me realise that this was exactly the kind of challenge I was looking for. In the end, I preferred to join Robert Walters over the other recruitment agency and I’m glad I did.

I really like my role as recruitment consultant. I can still use my finance knowledge, but I also like the recruitment part. I joined the interim management team because I like the fast decision-making process. I enjoyed my time working for one of the Big 4, but the satisfaction and the excitement you experience from matching organisations and interim managers is unbelievable. The non-stop learning curve and the wonderful team I’m now part of is what drives me to go the extra mile every day.

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