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On every individual’s professional path, one must go through extensive experimentation to truly find the heart’s desire, carving out a path that is both clear and prospective.

I ventured out of Robert Walters to learn in a different direction. Within a short time, I was able to recalibrate my career path and goals. I find real drive and inspiration working best with quantifiable metrics. Being a recruiter, helping a candidate find a job they love, whilst match-making companies with the right talent gives me incredible satisfaction and feelings of tremendous reward. Being subjected to a goal-oriented working model helps me to identify my weaknesses, build on these and accomplish my goals.

Robert Walters offers a great team culture where its staff are always eager to share and assist, with teams and departments crossing over to form organic collaboration that are in the best interest of the business, and our clients and our candidates. Not only does Robert Walters give me variety in my profession, it gives me a colourful personal life. To me, this is the professional opportunity of a lifetime.

The business’ principles of “diligence, honour, collaboration and lifelong learning” resonate deeply with my personal values. These qualities are what drew me back to Robert Walters.  

I think it’s incredibly important to be in an organisation that you are able to develop and truly flourish with. When I returned to the business, I was given the opportunity to experience a new city and move from Shanghai to Shenzhen. As an adventurous and explorative spirit, I jumped at the chance. Something else that drew me to return was my direct manager. Someone that rarely questions my need to explore different things and directions, she instead, actively encourages me: 

“Amy, venture boldly, look beyond outcomes and take every exploration as an added experience to learn.”

I am always encouraged to break new grounds yet support and assistance from my superiors is never far away for when I need it. In a nourishing soil such as this, I am able to boldly stretch my potential and make considerable strides forward.

Robert Walters is an environment where employees can feel safe, valued and rewarded. As a member of the equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) council, Robert Walters evidently has principles rooted in respecting diversity and inclusivity, reflected in its various policies, whether they be for employees, clients or recruitment candidates. Members of the team communicate with our clients to actively prevent discrimination against education, background, gender or age, but rather encourage recruitment endeavours based on candidates’ capabilities and experience. I bear personal witness to Robert Walters’ commitment to social responsibility from my vantage on the team.

Finally, to all former and prospective team members who wish to join Robert Walters: The Robert Walters DNA makes itself evident in your heart with time. You will find yourself reminiscing paths you have tread with the team and find a precious sense of belonging here. Our work within the recruitment industry is ultimately of people, not being mere agents but way-finders on the professional landscape. Robert Walters is a haven on such a landscape which, regardless of your time of return, welcomes you with inviting vigour, as if you have never left.

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