I'm developing faster than ever before
I'm Robert Walters

As an overseas graduate, I joined Robert Walters as my first job upon returning to China. The Tech & Transformation team at Robert Walters Shenzhen currently has a focus on recruitment for front-end, testing and web design opportunities, with a majority of its clients stemming from the SaaS industry.

As is the case with many overseas graduates of the same cohort, I had a period of confusion when I first returned to China. When I just joined Robert Walters, I was a new graduate. My manager afforded me the patience for me to adjust to a professional working environment.

The training programs for new joiners at Robert Walters allowed me to rapidly progress in productivity and professionalism, and I am now able to confidently work with both candidates and clients and earn their trust. The collaboration model within our team has also fostered great affinity between me and my colleagues, allowing us to support each other while maintaining healthy competition that encourages growth.

Being young does not put me at a disadvantage. I strive to go the extra mile, leveraging on my expertise in information gathering, equipping myself with industry knowledge and market trends, while deepening my understanding of the IT field. I have been unrelenting in pursuing the highest levels of professionalism in serving candidates and clients under my care.

In my few years at Robert Walters I have had unprecedented growth and progression. It’s a time to be humble, a time to grow. I received my first letter of gratitude from a client in my seventh month of employment, which was coincidentally one of Robert Walters Shenzhen’s top billers. Not only was this a performance highlight, but also a milestone in my personal career development.

Professional life is a brand-new stage in life, independent from my experience studying overseas or graduating from a specific educational institution. I took the time to be humble, learning from my colleagues and managers, and subsequently found a time to grow. I learned to weather setbacks and difficulties, while reaping experience through trials; I learned to be grateful, to a direct manager or colleagues alike, whose extension of a helping hand is a ramp to leaps in personal growth. If you are an overseas graduate seeking to delve into the recruitment industry, these are the few tips I can offer to kickstart a promising career.

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