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I'm Robert Walters

In my time at Robert Walters, just shy of 10 years, I have retained a focus and passion for talent acquisition, deeply convinced that the rewards of a recruiter far exceed beyond professional life.

As the manager of a team, I am dedicated to fostering the growth of each and everyone in the team. One of our team members, having joined Robert Walters fresh out of school, was promoted to senior consultant after just three years. Our team is trusting and supportive, affording new recruits a structured and clear training programme and ample patience.

I often encourage senior members on our team to share their own skills and strengths, and lead by example. In addition to helping the aforementioned team member to progress professionally, I also watched her grow from a fresh addition to the workforce into an indispensable asset of the team, which was so rewarding to see as a manager.

The collaboration between a recruiter and a prospective candidate is one that nurtures mutual support, growth and accomplishment. Robert Walters strives to matchmake jobseekers with the profession of their desires, aiding them on the journey of their career pursuits. I remember my first successful venture as a recruiter – 10 years have passed, and said recruit is now the CFO of the Greater China Region within his organisation. Throughout the years I have maintained contact with him, and he considers me a personal friend. I am both delighted and proud to act as an advisor in his career.

I consistently uphold a high professional standard in my daily communications with candidates, from drafting a curricular vita and preparing for an interview, to negotiations conducted after an agreement has been reached and managing post-employment transitions. Throughout all these processes, I adhere to a vision of empowering the candidate. For this reason, I have befriended a number of candidates, whose like-minded friendships have become rewarding in my professional and personal life.

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