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I'm Robert Walters

Looking back at my career journey thus far, joining Robert Walters in 2013 has proven to be the most advantageous decision I have made. The unwavering commitment to people and culture offered by Robert Walters has been a game-changer for me, propelling my career progression to new heights and making everyday a truly enriching experience.

From the moment I walked in for my interview, I could tell that Robert Walters was not your average company. My manager showed a genuine interest in my career aspirations and expectations instead of focusing solely on the commercial outcome, which made me feel valued. Indeed, this people-centric approach has remained a constant throughout my time at Robert Walters.

Along with this approach, the structured training programme and management's hand-in-hand support have played an instrumental role in my accelerated growth. The mentorship programme, in particular, has been an invaluable resource, providing an external perspective and a trusted sounding board for my growth. And let's not forget about the exceptional culture of sharing at Robert Walters, which has allowed me to learn from colleagues across diverse regions and expand my network globally.

After 10 years of working at Robert Walters, I am now an associate director managing the Hong Kong tech & transformation team (perm and contract), which has grown from four to 19 people (yes, we are still expanding), and I feel an immense sense of pride and achievement. I'm grateful to the management team for their trust and autonomy, which have allowed me to dream big and speak up. 

As a business, our purpose is to empower people and organisations to fulfill their unique potential, which resonates deeply with me. The company has always given me the support I needed to reach my full potential and become a better leader. In fact, my director has given me full trust in building a brand-new desk (construction, property & engineering) from scratch – talk about feeling empowered!

It's also incredibly fulfilling to see the impact that we make on candidates, especially the contractors I have worked with, who have gone on to achieve successful career paths after completing their contracts.

The beauty of working in a global organisation means you can gain great international exposure and a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures. I'm beyond excited to be participating in the Robert Walters Global Explorer Programme – a programme to give our top talent the opportunity to further our development by spending a week working in a different international office. This is truly the cherry on top, with my visit to Wellington office, I believe it will allow me to learn new skills and ways of working, further broadening my horizons.

So, if you're looking for a company that values your growth and development, offers a fun yet challenging work environment– come and join us! Who knows where this journey will take you?

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