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I'm Robert Walters

I graduated in 2016 from a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Management. I wasn’t exactly sure of what I wanted to do after I graduated but I had a close friend who worked with Robert Walters and I went to him to ask for some career advice. He discussed some different opportunities with me and potential career paths I could take. He also told me he thought I would make a good Recruiter and discussed his experience, and I was sold on this after he told me what was involved in the role, the autonomy, and the opportunities he had been given to progress quickly within the company.

My career has progressed very well at Robert Walters. I started as a resourcer, supporting a manager on the banking operations desk. This was very beneficial as it was a stepping stone towards becoming a recruitment consultant. At the time I was just out of college and had some learning to do before jumping in the deep end as a 360-degree recruiter. I got all the training I needed and after just three months, I was promoted into the role of a consultant. I was also given the opportunity to specialise in an area which I was particularly interested, and I became a risk management recruiter. I was then promoted after two years into the role of a senior risk management recruiter and now another two years on, I’ve been promoted again into a management role, managing a team of over six recruiters. 

The great thing about working at Robert Walters is that there is always a clear progression plan for you. You’re well informed on what’s required to move to the next step in the business and you’re very well guided towards these next steps and promotions. The management team in the Dublin business have always been extremely supportive and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help. They have backed me 100% and ensured that I had all the necessary training and resources to progress in the company​.

What I enjoy most about working for Robert Walters is working with people, helping them with important career decisions and offering them excellent progression opportunities. There is great satisfaction helping people progress in their professional career, working with them to secure an interesting new challenge and a higher salary. I have developed some great relationships and friendships through my time as a recruitment consultant​.

There are many aspects of the job which are excellent motivators. There are constantly opportunities to develop and progress to the next level at Robert Walters. The management team are always pushing and supporting you to get to the next step. Another motivator for me is that there is no cap on what you can earn. The more revenue you bring in for the business, the higher the potential to get bonuses. Lastly, there are great incentives. If you’re working hard and reaching your goals, you’ll celebrate that success with your teammates and colleagues, with monthly recognition lunches, golf days, and team events.

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