I'm the call that changes a life
I'm Robert Walters

I joined Robert Walters in 2007 and in my current position as Associate Director, I lead a diverse and multicultural team that recruits healthcare professionals in the medical devices and pharmaceutical fields.  

As someone who is deeply involved in the career development of the professionals I work with, I always strive to calmly assess and advise the merits of any career move from a long-term perspective, such as five or ten years down the road. When a candidate chooses to change jobs, they may focus only on the short-term gains such as an increase in salary and benefits. To help the candidate make the best career move, we deepen our understanding by carefully interviewing them about what kind of work they want to do and what they want to accomplish. We are then able to provide comprehensive advice because we have accumulated a great deal of experience specialising in the healthcare field. It is not in the best interest of the candidate's career development (or the hiring company) if the candidate leaves the company prematurely because they feel it is not a good fit for them. 

This long-term view is also a great way to approach a career as a recruitment consultant at Robert Walters. If you are considering joining Robert Walters Japan, imagine how much of an impact you could be making 10 to 15 years down the road. Robert Walters Japan has a rich soil for nurturing talent and provides excellent support for consultants to develop long term careers. Equal opportunities are given regardless of nationality, age, or gender, and people are evaluated based on equal standards. If you fulfil your responsibilities toward the goals you set for yourself, the results will surely come back to you. This is the perfect environment for those who enjoy being productive and are committed to producing results. Robert Walters is like a soccer field, with good grass and high-level support from coaches. Whether or not you can play well and achieve results in this environment is entirely up to you. It’s a workplace where you can lead your own growth and career depending on how you face it. 

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