I'm building futures at work and at home
I'm Robert Walters

After returning from a stint in Canada working as a contract manager, I knew I wanted to settle down back in my hometown of Wellington. Until this point, I’d had the great opportunity to work and travel across New Zealand and around the world since 2002, so coming back home was the natural next move.

I completed my degree at Victoria University in Wellington and after an initial marketing job with a software company in Palmerston North I moved to Auckland for three years before the bright lights of London beckoned. I came back home to Wellington and after 18 months the travel bug ignited again, and I spent a further 12 months overseas living and working in Vancouver, Canada before the lure of settling down back in Wellington beckoned.

I specifically targeted recruitment as it was an industry I had always been curious about – especially given I’d been a candidate for a number of recruitment firms overseas throughout my travels. Luckily enough, a friend of mine was working for Robert Walters at the time.

Ten years ago, we were a significantly smaller office of about ten people, so witnessing the growth not only in the Wellington office, but nationwide has been a really great thing to be a part of.

Since being at Robert Walters, I’ve been fortunate enough to have three children. For many people deciding to start a family also means considering how this may impact their career given the added responsibilities a parent has and the time initially spent away from their roles. However, each time I’ve come back from maternity leave, Robert Walters has given me the opportunity to progress my career while still finding balance to raise a family. I’ve even been promoted twice within this time period which is a testament to the people-first culture that Robert Walters affords their employees.

I think the reason why I've been here for the time that I have is due in part to the continued support and flexibility Robert Walters gives their employees. Robert Walters has embraced the flexible working environment which is evident in things like the technology and talent they invest in (Surface Pros, etc). Over the ten years I’ve been here, it’s great to see this progression into the modern age which certainly helps when it comes to raising a young family. I have a rule that I want to try and have breakfast and dinner with my kids. So if that means leaving the office early or starting later in the day, then I can do that. Obviously you still need to deliver, meet targets, and do your job, but if you can do that, then you can make anything work. If anything, being a mum has taught me how to manage my time even better which translates well into the work life!

Ultimately, at Robert Walters, you’re in control of your own destiny. There’s a real emphasis on independence and not micromanagement. We want people that are going to deliver, that are passionate about delivering and doing a great job. In return, you have the opportunity to decide how you want to structure your work life and how that balances in with your home life.

So for those that are seeking a career that offers flexibility, progression and independence, then definitely you should consider a career in recruitment at Robert Walters; the opportunities for personal and professional growth are endless. 

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