I’m developing faster than ever before

I’m Robert Walters

There are many recruitment firms out there, but it’s not every day that you find a consultancy that is fully committed to your career development. I consider myself lucky to have found that at Robert Walters.

As a driven and ambitious professional, I’m all about pushing career boundaries and taking my personal growth to the next level. After two years at a different firm, it felt like the right time to go out of my own comfort zone. What drew me to Robert Walters was the prospect of being a part of a high performing team that wants everyone to unlock their full potential. I was really excited to propel my growth and become a more accomplished recruiter in such a dynamic environment.

The first week at Robert Walters is one I’ll always remember. We covered both the basics and technical aspects of recruitment through a series of intense training sessions. What made it even more remarkable was the opportunity to gain fresh insights that I hadn't encountered in my previous job. The training wasn't solely focused on work-related topics; it also incorporated enlightening sessions on personal growth and self-care. These sessions provided me with valuable skills for effectively navigating both work and life challenges, leaving me thoroughly impressed with the holistic approach of the program.

The learning hasn’t stopped even though it’s been over two years since I’ve come onboard. Every client call or candidate meeting offers fresh perspectives, and my peers and managers have also proven to be invaluable assets to my career. They serve as great sounding boards, helping me identify ways to enhance my skills even further.

One of the most fulfilling moments of this job is presenting excellent job opportunities to promising professionals in the tech industry. A new job signifies a new beginning, and I always hope that the opportunity provides them with the platform to advance their careers, just as I have.

Joining Robert Walters marked a special milestone in my career. With the abundance of opportunities and resources here, I believe it could be a meaningful milestone for someone else’s career as well – particularly for those seeking an environment that values their progress and shares their commitment to success.

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