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It was a few years into my legal career that I felt the need for something more. My job as a conveyancer entailed repetitive tasks that I’d gotten accustomed to, and I began wondering how I could imbue my work with more meaning.

That’s when I stumbled upon a job opportunity in recruitment. Wouldn’t it be nice to guide people out of jobs they didn’t enjoy, and into new roles that they would thrive in? The idea of effecting change in people’s lives really appealed to me, so I took the plunge and joined the industry.

I fell in love with the job during a brief stint at another firm. When a mutual friend asked if I’d be interested to join Robert Walters, I didn’t need much convincing. With its people-centric, zero politics culture and rewarding team-based remuneration schemes, Robert Walters seemed like the perfect place to take my recruitment career to the next level.

Four years on from joining the Penang office in 2018, I’m now a manager. Success didn’t come easy. My journey here was off to a rocky start: losing my first offer, sluggish billing, and our team initially fell short of our expected targets. It took me and my team time, collaboration and sheer determination, but I’m proud that we’ve since blossomed into one of the successful teams within the Malaysia business. Looking back, while the journey was not completely smooth, it has been one that my team and I embraced together to achieve what we have today.

This career has also given me so much on a personal level. Starting out, I was a fresh-eyed rookie that spoke with a lot of fluff. Now, I speak confidently and to the point. With hybrid work arrangements and the culture of transparency that the management team has built, I’ve achieved an ideal balance between my work and personal life. I’m a present mother who’s there for her kids, all while making consistent placements and guiding junior members on the team.

The monetary rewards of a career in recruitment are sweet, but what keeps me coming back goes beyond that. It is the close-knit, high achieving team and opportunities for personal growth. This is a company that respects your career goals and the hard work you put in. If you’re looking for a place where you’re motivated and supported to challenge your comfort zone, and stretch yourself a little further than you did yesterday, Robert Walters is where you want to be.

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