I’m relationships, not sales 

I'm Robert Walters

Prior to recruitment, I spent six years in sales and other front-facing roles, and up to that point, the ability to build strong relationships and bonds had always been key to my success. Upon joining Robert Walters however, my approach towards professional and work relationships was further elevated and transformed.

Recruitment, by nature, is centered around people, so it’s natural that building strong bonds is central to what we do at Robert Walters. What I’ve discovered since joining is also why we take cultivating relationships so seriously, and how we walk the talk from within the organisation.

Starting from when I was a prospective candidate, the Robert Walters team showed a genuine interest in getting to know who I was as a person. And since coming onboard, I’ve seen time and again how we always support and collaborate with our peers, so everybody learns and succeeds together! I’ve even interacted with members of our senior management team across the region, who have all been so down-to-earth and open with sharing their personal experiences.

That’s because at Robert Walters, relationships aren’t just a means to an end. We care deeply about impacting people’s lives for the better.

This spirit has become part of my personal philosophy, and I try to bring that across in all that I do, no matter who I cross paths with. Internally, as a manager leading a team of two, I’m mindful about giving our consultants the time and resources they need to grow into their potentials. Externally, I advise my clients and candidates by taking into account their long-term interests. In return, I’m inspired everyday by the successes of the people around me – like a senior candidate I have worked with who took on a new role aligned to her purpose and passion, even though it meant a slight pay cut from her existing compensation package.

If you find fulfilment in helping others succeed, then join us at Robert Walters. You won’t simply be advancing your own career and developing yourself; the impact you’ll have on others will shape the careers of many talented individuals, and by extension, the trajectory of all the organisations they go to.

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