I'm lifelong friendships
I'm Robert Walters

I joined Robert Walters Korea in 2010 and as Associate Director, I currently lead two teams at our Seoul office. My team is comprised of specialist recruiters in the disciplines of Finance, HR and Legal.

At Robert Walters, reward and promotion are based on individual ability without discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, nationality, or background. Everyone is given the same opportunities, and we are recognised and offered promotion when we deliver good performance by taking full responsibility.

During my 11 years at Robert Walters, I got married and gave birth to my twins. There was not a single case where I was unfairly treated working at Robert Walters for getting married, giving birth, taking childcare leave, or requesting for sick leave to take care of my children. We are all the same here at Robert Walters. Robert Walters offers various initiatives such as our mentor programme, management training programme, and book clubs in place to support employees adjusting to work after a leave of absence. Robert Walters places great value on all employees taking full responsibility with a sense of ownership on their given roles and duties, while at the same time, strives to ensure the work-life balance of employees by creating a culture that avoids unnecessary overtime. We also enjoy more annual leave compared to other local companies, which makes it easier to balance family life and career.

When I look back on my life, there have been a lot of changes since I became a manager. I have grown with a wider perspective on the business. I began to enjoy books more often, especially those on team management and leadership, because I want to expand my understanding of others. And my viewpoint also changed, breaking away from my previous way of thinking as I learned how to embrace my team members. One of the things I enjoy the most in my role is the leadership aspect. I have the chance to coach, guide, and mentor others. And having that responsibility brings me a lot of motivation to keep it up and move forward each day. My goal as a manager is to provide them with the same level of support and aspiration that I've received throughout my career and help them fulfil their career potential. Nothing brings more joy to a parent than watching your children grow feeling fulfilled as they find what gives them joy. I feel rewarded when I see my team members find their own passion and continue to step up, much like how I watch my own children grow.

Robert Walters is where I experienced all the important milestones in my life and the organisation has been the biggest supporter throughout my career. They have not only provided emotional support with a deep understanding of life as a working mom, but also offered global training programmes for career development. If you want to be recognised solely based on your abilities and strive in a place with a reasonable and solid system, Robert Walters is the right place to be.

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