I'm learning all the time
I'm Robert Walters

After three years working at the overseas business department of a global medical device manufacturer, I joined Robert Walters as a recruitment consultant. While working in sales, I found that I enjoy communicating and negotiating with people. For the next step in my career, I chose recruitment because it is a field where I can further extend my people skills.

My previous experience in the medical industry enabled me to be more effective as a recruiter for the Healthcare, B2C, and Mobility & Semiconductor Team. It became an opportunity to enhance my understanding of the overall medical industry, including medical devices and healthcare and soon, my knowledge expanded to include B2C sales. Because I worked in the medical industry when it enjoyed high growth, I could gain a broad understanding by learning about various approval and licensing regulations accompanied by the fast growth. This professional experience helped me discern suitable candidates that companies are seeking for different positions. I analyse the recruitment needs of healthcare companies in multi-faceted aspects and recommend the best candidates for the positions. At the same time, I can empathize with job seekers and give them advice on finding better jobs based on my first-hand experience.

Through my experience at the medical device company, I was able to hone my sales, negotiation, and communication skills. The experience of negotiating with business leaders around the world enabled me to communicate smoothly at Robert Walters Korea with various clients and candidates regardless of their nationality, age, and gender.

Robert Walters is the right place for you if you are looking for a career where you can enjoy interacting with different people while accelerating your career growth. Do not give up even if you have no experience in recruitment - your technical knowledge will be a huge advantage. The biggest reason I joined Robert Walters is because of the environment that supports your growth. Robert Walters provides full opportunities to be promoted to managerial positions regardless of their seniority or gender by implementing diverse performance-based promotion systems through many in-house programs, including systemic training and mentoring programs. Though I had no work experience in recruitment, the company trusted my capabilities and supported my growth in various ways, including training programs and book clubs. This allowed me to onboard the company, fit in and progress my career swiftly.

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