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Being a Physics graduate, I never thought that I would end up exploring and enjoying a completely different role in a new industry. While working in the exhibition industry was stable, in my heart I knew I wanted to do something different, step out of my comfort zone and learn something new. Given the ‘people person’ that I am, and how I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people, I realised that recruitment industry is where I could really belong. Soon I started working with a local recruitment company where I was a one-man army tackling many challenges on my own, which only motivated me further. A friend of mine introduced me to Robert Walters and it was my dream to work for an international company. I am grateful for that opportunity, as after joining is when I truly understood what actual teamwork meant and how empowering it could be.

One thing that stood out for me at Robert Walters was the strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Coming from a background where I used to work independently, it took me a little time to get used to the review meetings the team used to have on a weekly basis. However, these were incredibly helpful as it helped me get to know my team better, build relationships and most importantly, build a sense of trust. There was incredible amount of learning for me as there was so much take in, in terms of developing and honing skills to be a part of a thriving and collaborative team.

The team culture here enables us to share opinions, experiences, and even connections. At Robert Walters, there is no competition for commission. Rather, the team strives together and uses the collective resource pool to service clients in the best ways possible. This has only strengthened my belief in teamwork and realise how we can go a long way to create deeper impact, making us a high performing team.

In the first 12 months of being with Robert Walters, I was one of the top achievers in our Taipei office, which was a big achievement. My performance was getting better consistently which was a great testament to the kind of encouragement and appreciation I received from team leaders and managers. They have constantly been there at every step of the way helping me reach my full potential and achieve the goals I had set out for myself. This supportive environment is something I really value, and we provide the same to each member in the team as well.

I would say the culture of teamwork definitely plays a big part of what I have achieved. I now believe strongly in the power of teamwork and realise how teamwork makes dream work.

When I joined Robert Walters, my knowledge of the tech and transformation industry was fairly limited. Apart from spending time on self-learning to get the basics right, I had immense support from my team. They shared their expertise and knowledge about the finer nuances of the industry, latest trends and shared their market intelligence. I found myself being enlightened every day, which helped to fulfil my career purpose.  It was the support from the management team and structured training programmes that were offered with the help of which, I was able to achieve more than I thought I would.

Another aspect of Robert Walters which makes me proud to be working here, is diversity. We may come from different experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and with different values. But it’s the autonomy, flexibility, and support from this company that bring us together.

Every year, we have Robert Walters Group Charity Day and many other local CSR initiatives, which makes our work more meaningful and humbling when we’re able to contribute back to the community along with my beloved colleagues and peers.

If you are someone who’s looking for a culture that focuses on growth – be it business, team or individual, and above all nurturing relationships, I’d say you would be great fit for Robert Walters.   

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