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At the Robert Walters Group, we understand that the success of every business comes down to its people. That’s why we don’t view diversity simply as a box to be ticked, but rather as an opportunity for our clients to build robust, multi-skilled teams ready to take their organisations forward into the future.

As a key player in the hiring process, we take seriously our responsibility to help employers embrace diverse hiring. That's why we offer the skills and expertise of our consultants as well as the latest technology and tools to unlock the opportunity and advantages of a truly diverse workforce.

Discover our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) at the Robert Walters Group and learn more about our partnerships and accreditations.

Innovative thinking drives inclusive businesses

Our in-house innovation team is committed to not only improving the way our clients hire, but making the process a fairer one for all candidates. Organisations around the world rely on our knowledge and insights to learn about the latest tools, like AI and machine learning, to help them access untapped segments of the job market and build stronger, more diverse teams.

More inclusive hiring with Adify

We built Adify to analyse job advertisements and see if they appeal more to men or women, with the aim of reducing gender bias in the recruitment process and promoting gender equality among candidates. Internal and client trials have, so far, led to as much as a 23% increase in female applicants.

Building diverse talent pipelines

Our innovation team is focused on assessing and testing the emergence of new tech and trends that will impact diverse hiring, which means that we can offer our clients cutting edge solutions including market-leading video interview technology and new ways to assess talent beyond the CV. 

Recruitment Inclusivity Audit

Recruitment and talent acquisition teams can have the biggest impact on the diversity of the talent that joins a business, yet many diversity and inclusion initiatives focus on employees rather than potential employees.

Our multi-award-winning Recruitment Inclusivity Audit recognises that blends a deep knowledge of recruitment, HR tech and diversity programme management. Our specialist diverse hiring recruitment audit practitioners audit and then re-engineer a business's recruitment and careers content and processes to minimise bias and enable truly inclusive hiring.

The audit assesses the end-to-end recruitment process, analysing the impact of recruitment content and processes across seven different lenses: age, disability and neurodiversity, ethnicity, gender, faith, LGBTQ+ and socio-economic, producing a bespoke report with clear actions including immediate steps that can be taken to deliver meaningful change and measurable results. 

Awards and recognition:

Our Recruitment Inclusivity Audit won the 2023 Product Innovation of the Year: Software, Systems and Services category at the prestigious edie Awards, and was named a finalist in the Social Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion award category.

We were recoginised at the Reurters Responsible Business Awards, named as Highly Commended in the 2021 Product or Service Innnovation Award category, recognised for the audit's research-led methodology and bias-minimisation framework.

The audit won the Innovation of the Year award at the Firms Awards 2022, with the judges praising the audit as “an exciting and effective innovation aimed at tackling one of the most disruptive derailers of hiring plans: humans and our biases.” 

In 2022 we won the TIARA US Talent Solutions Awards Women Back to Work DE&I prize for the Recruitment Inclusivity Audit, described it as a “genuine game-changer” and “an important tool in helping employers drive more effective DE&I.” 

Find untapped talent with Resource Solutions

Rejoin: Connecting your business with untapped talent

The Covid pandemic saw a rapid shift to hybrid working, with many employers embracing this approach as a permanent way of working. This newfound flexibility opened up access to talent pools who may have previously been excluded from the workforce, for example, women with parenting and caring responsibilities.

In 2022 our Rejoin Talent programme helped employers to fill skills gaps by introducing them to a pool of experienced professionals who are returning to the workforce after an extended career break – whether that be from raising a family or fulfilling caring responsibilities. The programme supports participants through their transition back into the workforce, helping them to return with confidence. 


Accelerate: Discover your future-ready talent pipeline

Our Accelerate programme is delivered to clients through our Resource Solutions business and finds and trains untapped, high-potential talent to help businesses rapidly upscale their recruitment project teams. We attract graduates and other entry-level candidates from diverse backgrounds and provide them with accredited training to equip them with technical skills and commercial experience so they can be deployed into client organisations.

Accelerate also promotes re-skilling, career change and social mobility. Consultants are supported by mentors throughout the programme to help them develop successful recruitment careers, and the programme helps clients improve diversity in their own organisations

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Our experts offer outstanding thought leadership with a focus on implementing diversity strategies, empowering and supporting employees and building a more inclusive workplace. View our selected resources below, or visit our News site to browse even more from our latest research.

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