Around the world, we're committed to safeguarding the planet and minimising our impact on the environment.

Part of powering people and organisations to fulfil their unique potential is ensuring that they have a planet on which to do it. That's why we're proud of our long-running track record of environmental stewardship — from carbon reduction and energy efficiency measures to investing in reforestation initiatives around the world.

Read more below to discover how we're helping to protect our planet.

Timeline 2030: Our commitments to act

While we are proud of our long-standing track record of environmental stewardship, the Group acknowledges the very real threat of climate change and we are committed to further reducing our impact on the environment. As such, we have committed to reducing our global carbon emissions by 30% per head by the end of 2030.* By that time, we have also committed to two further environmental targets to improve our overall energy efficiency and to minimise the use of unnecessary consumables — supporting our overall corporate responsibility strategy as well as aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Reducing our carbon emissions

By the end of 2030, the Group aims to reduce our carbon emissions from business travel (cars, trains, flights) by 30% per head and to convert our vehicle fleet to electric, wherever possible.

Choosing low-carbon energy

By the end of 2030, 75% of all electricity purchased by the Group will be sourced from energy providers who can guarantee that it comes from renewable or low-carbon sources.

Minimising paper consumption

By the end of 2030, the Group will reduce paper consumption by 25% per head, actively promoting increased utilisation of digital alternatives across our global workforce.

*The Group's commitment to achieve a 30% reduction in carbon emissions per head by the end of 2030 will be measured using 2019 emissions as the baseline due to lower-than-average emission levels in 2020 during the global pandemic.

Our accreditations

The Group acknowledges the global threat posed by climate change and is taking positive steps to reduce our environmental impact and offset our carbon emissions. That's why we're proud to pursue external certification and accreditation of our environmental initiatives and practices to ensure that we're doing our part as stewards for the environment.

Carbon Balanced operations — worldwide

The Group’s operations have been offset through the World Land Trust (WLT) Carbon Balanced Programme since 2015, which means we invest in carbon offset schemes equivalent to our emissions as assessed by WLT carbon specialists.

The World Land Trust has used the funds contributed by the Group to protect and restore threatened forest in key areas of conservation importance, preventing CO2 emissions and enhancing the carbon they store. We support projects in Vietnam, Ecuador and Mexico, including  the Forest Protection Project at Khe Nuoc Trong in Vietnam, one of the best remaining examples of Annamite Lowland Forest in the world. 

Through its partnership with the World Land Trust, the Group offsets more than 2,000 tonnes of the business’ CO2 emissions each year.

Planting the seed of opportunity

The success of our business now translates into further real-world benefits for the environment. From January 2020, the Group announced a new initiative, expanding its partnership with the World Land Trust by pledging to plant one tree for each permanent candidate placement made across our Robert Walters and Walters People businesses, as well as one tree for every employee in our Resource Solutions business. By committing to these essential reforestation projects, we're doing our part to ensure that our planet is secured for generations to come.

Learn more about our 'Plant a Tree' initiative >

Environmental management

Our Amsterdam, Dublin, London and Paris offices have all successfully maintained ISO 14001 accreditation, the International Standard for Environmental Management. Currently, more than one-fifth of the Group’s employees worldwide operate in locations which are covered by the ISO14001 certification.

Our best practice environmental management policy is in the process of being rolled out across the rest of the Group on an ongoing basis. The Standard provides a framework for achieving the balance between maintaining profitability while setting targets for improving the organisation’s environmental performance.