The most incredible experience

Isabel Evans in Tsavo

The Robert Walters Group is committed to giving back, not only in our own communities but in those further afield. We’re now in our third year of working with the Global Angels Foundation to help transform the lives of people living in the Tsavo region of southern Kenya.

Our partnership provides financial investment in the community and we also send eight staff volunteers each year to work with local residents to tackle the most pressing challenges such as accessing clean drinking water and growing sustainable crops.

Isabel Evans, business director at Robert Walters, shares her experience of volunteering with Global Angels in Tsavo. 

Describe your time in Tsavo

“Quite simply the most incredible experience of my life. Eye-opening, life-changing, humbling, exhausting, tear-jerking – all at the same time. The group of volunteers were fantastic and I’m confident we will be friends for years to come – you get to know each other pretty well whilst digging 12-foot water basins and painting nursery schools inside and out!

I felt enormously lucky to have been chosen to volunteer and proud to work for a business that supports such fantastic causes.”

What made you want to volunteer for Global Angels?

“I’ve wanted to do more charity and voluntary work over the last few years. I applied to every volunteer trip organised by the Robert Walters Group but never dreamt that I’d actually get to go. I’m not one for clichés, but it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity which I’m honoured to have experienced.”

Did the experience match your expectations?

“It exceeded them. It was a lot more physically and emotionally draining than I had expected. We spent a lot of time in local schools and with residents, visiting them in their homes and truly getting a feel for community life – basic doesn’t come close to describing the conditions these amazing people live in and they are so happy, generous and welcoming. It makes you think twice about the things we moan about, and I think we all came away with a huge sense of perspective.

I hadn’t expected the beauty of the Tsavo national park, and the wildlife that live there. We literally woke up to elephants, zebras, giraffe, buffalo, and even lions one morning, right outside our lodge!”

What was the standout moment of the trip that will stay with you?

“There were so many! But the standout moment was when we did the walk back from the local water pan and experienced what the locals go through daily. We carried two 20 litre jerry cans of water collected from the local watering hole (which is also shared with roaming wildlife), we then walked 5km back to the farm. It was exhausting but also humbling – local women do this daily, travelling as far as 15km a day.”

What did you learn about yourself? 

"That I want to give more. Whether it’s money, time, donations, support – I just want to give more to those that need it. Seeing how the people of Tsavo live, and how little they have, is jaw-dropping and makes you realise how even the smallest token can make a difference – balloons, bubbles, a pair of trainers were so appreciated by the local people. I also realised how competitive and determined I am, I sort of knew before, but the various tasks really brought it out – painting a wall, digging a trench, walking back from the water pan – I loved every second!" 

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