Group Charity Day 2019

Following a successful pilot in 2019, the Group will begin a full roll-out of its RE:START programme to UK staff in 2020.

The programme gives staff volunteers the opportunity to offer advice and CV assistance to people leaving prison who are preparing to re-enter the workforce.

Run in coordination with UK prisons charity Stand Out, the RE:START programme is aimed at helping ex-offenders secure employment after they leave prison, a factor which is statistically proven to reduce the likelihood of them re-offending and returning to prison.

Robert Walters, Chief Executive of the Robert Walters Group, commented:

"We are delighted to offer our employees’ expertise in recruitment advice to prisoners looking for help. There is no doubt that proper training and support for them for life outside prison will reduce the current reoffenders rate of 47.9%, which costs the UK £15bn per year."

Learn more about the RE:START programme here.