We all have the power to make a difference

Global Angels volunteers June 2019

As part of our partnership with the Global Angels Foundation, the Robert Walters Group sends eight staff volunteers each year to work with residents of the Itinyi Valley in Tsavo, Kenya. Together they’re addressing some of the most pressing issues they face — in particular, providing safe drinking water and growing sustainable crops in this drought-prone region.

Loïc Vives, senior marketing executive at Walters People, shares his volunteering experience and explains how the Robert Walters Group is making a difference.

How would you describe your experience of volunteering in Tsavo?

“The trip was absolutely amazing. The week was such an experience… I don’t think I’ll ever forget it! What we achieved, what we saw and the people we met: I loved all of it so much.

Every day was intense, full of wonderful moments and surrounded by the beauty of the nature and the smiles of the people. From the tiniest baby, to the oldest grandma - we met such warm and welcoming people that I will never forget how we much we were embraced and welcomed there." 

What made you want to volunteer for Global Angels?

"When I volunteered, I knew it would be an incredible experience, something that I wouldn’t get to do again. I wanted to see the impact that the Robert Walters Group has had on the Tsavo community since the partnership started in 2017, to see how we support these people, and to discover a part of the world I have never been to. I was not disappointed."

Did the experience match your expectations?

"It matched and exceeded my expectations! I was surprised by the impact that the Robert Walters Group has made in just three years. With the long-term investments made by the partnership the community now has tools which help it grow. The investments in education and agriculture are creating jobs and aspirations and the hope in the community is tangible and concrete. It’s really humbling to witness first-hand."

What was the standout moment of the trip that will stay with you?

"There are so many moments; meeting the children in the schools and playing with them, being invited into the homes of the families of the community, talking with the football team and being in the middle of the African wildlife.

However, one moment does stand out: the talk with Jarrod and Jackson from Global Angels who manage the farm in Tsavo. They really opened our eyes to the impact of our actions, which was very moving and made us proud that we work for an organisation that really does give back." 

What did you learn about yourself? 

"The biggest thing I learnt is that we can all help others and make them a bit happier, even with the smallest actions.

I’ve never really been part of a charity, and when I saw what we contributed to in a single week, I regretted that so much. We have time, we have money, and there are so many causes to embrace that we should all be part of something! 

My week in Tsavo was so rewarding. I was moved by the smiles and the joy of the children when we played with balloons and bubbles, by the speech of the football team after we donated balls and shoes and by the support of the fellow farm workers when we were digging trenches together. I really want to give back more." 

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