Partnering with Dress for Success

At every stage of my career with Walters People, I have felt empowered to drive the business forward and that there are no limits to future growth.

In 2010, the job market was still reeling from the financial crisis and the career outlook for graduates like myself was very gloomy. However, my first interview with Walters People in Amsterdam left me with so much excitement and energy. I knew that joining would offer me more than just a job.

It was an exciting opportunity for an ambitious graduate, as I was able to make a clear impact on a business that, with only four employees, was just getting started. As a result, Walters People has felt like my own business from the very beginning.

My opportunities grew along with the business. In my second year, I qualified for the Group’s global incentive weekend for top achievers and subsequently qualified for the following three years in a row. I progressed from junior to senior consultant, and after five years of billing success, I decided that I was ready for a new challenge.

When I raised my interest in exploring a management role, my manager helped to realign my objectives to better suit my goals. She also provided me with opportunities to develop my management skills such as training more junior members of the team. Over time, my responsibilities and management capabilities increased and ultimately led to my promotion to director at the beginning of 2020, which expanded my remit to cover over 40 employees across five teams.

Like most businesses, Walters People faced challenges due to the Covid pandemic. Nonetheless, this past year has provided a unique opportunity for us to understand what truly drives our success. For me, the difficulties posed by the pandemic demonstrated the resilience and commitment of our people to continue to challenge themselves and each other to push further.

As a result of this commitment, we were still able to achieve success in 2020, from rolling out new technologies, such as Microsoft Bookings, to streamlining our recruiting processes. Further, we were able to strengthen our internal relationships by focusing on maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing during the lockdown period. As well as implementing monthly calls with all 40 members of my team, my managers organised 1:1 socially distanced walks with their individual team members so we could ensure everyone had the support they needed. I am immensely proud of what my team has accomplished, and I believe these achievements have put us in good stead for 2021 and beyond.”