Partnering with Dress for Success

"If you look at our purpose, it’s the power of the people in our business that is the most important thing — that’s how we make things happen.”

“I joined Resource Solutions in 2007 as an account manager for a major banking client. In my first role, I led a team of five people within infrastructure, but within two years, I was made an account director, having expanded our services to include front office, Managed Service Provider (MSP) and the campus programme.

From day one, I could see that if you were passionate, values-driven and had a growth mindset, this was a place where you could truly grow your career.

When I look back, I also recognise the importance of building long-term relationships in those early days. My client has moved on to a different organisation now, but she remains a Resource Solutions client to this day.

In 2010, I was asked to move into an operations director role at our head office in London, where I was responsible for a portfolio of clients across the UK. It was an exciting time — we were growing the business and building our Resource Solutions culture.

My next role was head of operations, where I led our larger global accounts for six years. This was followed by a promotion to managing director with responsibility for our global enterprise accounts. Through all of this growth, the Company retained its entrepreneurial culture and I was able to bring new ideas to the table to help move the business forward.

In 2019, as the business continued to grow globally, I was again promoted into a new role as managing director for EMEA and the Americas. It was an exciting new challenge, and, building on my success in implementing sustainable growth strategies for our global accounts, I was tasked with implementing a consistent approach across our European accounts, as well as expanding our client base. This opportunity was a fantastic learning experience and one that has helped me immensely in my transition to leading Resource Solutions as CEO.

I’ve always been willing to go where the business needed me, so I’ve said yes to the opportunities that have come my way. The Group has supported me throughout my career with coaching, mentoring and unique opportunities, such as attending the World Economic Forum. I’ve also reached out and built my own network of mentors and female leaders.

I’m really passionate about developing home-grown talent and helping our people progress through the business, just as I have done.

Now, as CEO, I’m in a prime position to ensure that we continue putting our people first. As a leader, the most important things for me are honesty, authenticity and inclusion, so I feel it’s my role to give our people the clarity and knowledge they need to perform effectively, and to listen to all voices within the organisation. 

One of the highlights of 2020 was our ‘Cultural Conversations’, a series of virtual diversity and inclusion events. This was an opportunity for our employees to discuss and share their personal experiences around issues such as racial inequality, men’s mental health and disability. I’ve also recently launched reverse mentoring for myself and our leaders, because it’s important we remain connected to our people and continue to learn from one another.”