"I felt like I was really helping someone start his life again."

Powering people to fulfil their unique potential isn't just our purpose — it's our responsibility. As an industry-leading recruitment Group, we're proud to be part of partnerships and initiatives that support people from all walks of life, and sometimes, give them a second chance.

In 2019, we launched our RE:START initiative, in partnership with StandOut, a UK charity working to transform the lives of people leaving prison. Through the partnership, we give staff volunteers the opportunity to offer advice and CV assistance to people leaving prison who are preparing to re-enter the workforce.

How it works and why it matters

The support that we give to people in prison is part of a wider programme designed by StandOut to equip trainees with the tools, skills and mindset needed to apply for work, so that they can re-integrate into society with confidence. Before release, StandOut also works with individuals through group sessions and one-to-one coaching to maintain motivation and build relationships. After release, StandOut offers support and training opportunities for as long as required to see trainees successfully into stable employment. StandOut participants are 3 times more likely to be in work than the average prison leaver and twice as likely to remain out of prisons 12 months from release.

What our volunteers say

"I could tell these were people who just wanted another chance, and it was a real pleasure to get to meet and work with them."

Tess Eyles
Client Services Director

"I feel like I gave something back, using my recruitment skills to not only try to help this man find a job, but really, to start his life again."

Rebecca Rodgers
EMEA Talent Acquisition Leader

"It's a great feeling to help integrate people back into the workforce, and help them keep from going back into prison."

Ian Hobbs
Client Services Director