Malgorzata Lisiecka

Age: 30
Location: London
Education: Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw, Poland (BA & MA Fine Art), Royal College of Art, MA Contemporary Art Practice: Public Sphere

Malgorzata Lisiecka is a visual artist based in London. She explores the social, political and psychological context of fashion and clothes, creating objects and installations that balance on an edge of uncanny, absurd and unreal. Recently, she graduated from MA Contemporary Art Practice: Public Sphere at Royal College of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw from the Faculty of Sculpture.

Submitted work

Title: Unified

About the work
‘UNIFIED’: We are living in a world of so-called 'free choice.' We are forced to believe that originality and chase for personal goals can make our lives fulfilled. It is a well-designed illusion, sophisticated enough to disguise soft oppression in the form of quasi-voluntary acts. Your clothing is you. But what if your clothing is somebody else? In the world of unified appearance, similar behaviors and clothing, a true self disappears. A unified look is a result of social expectations, corporate rules, and compromises replace individuality with an anonymous, overwhelming mass.