Jarvis Brookfield


Location: Leicester
Education: De Montfort University (Fine art)


Jarvis Brookfield is an artist currently living and working in Leicester, who graduated from De Montfort University with a 1st class degree in Fine art. Reflecting on and contemplating his experiences with mystical visionary states of consciousness and dreaming is what largely inspires him to create drawings and paintings from his imagination, that embody a celebration of the inner life and the transcendental.

Submitted work

Title: Inaquien

Title: Kenlubah

Title: Lumelia

About the work
Inaquien, a made-up word meaning inner acquaintance, is a body of work composed of multiple imaginal, psychedelic, and vibrant paintings drawn from my personal experiences with altered states of consciousness.

The three paintings in this chapter of work are Kenlubah, meaning Jewelled delights from beyond the veil – Lumelia, meaning Luminescence, and Inaquien, meaning inner acquaintance. The reasoning behind using the name of one of the paintings as the title for the body of work is that they all fall under an overarching theme of celebrating and exploring the inner mysterious life of being. An intrinsic aspect of what makes us human.

As a result of exploring the mystery of altered states of consciousness through my work, the paintings are colourful, whimsical, and non-representational, yet recognisable, worldly, and alien forms slip in and out of focus creating the sensation of a visionary experience.