Molly Kent

Location: Birmingham 
Education: Edinburgh College of Art (Fine art)

Molly Kent, born 1995 is originally from Birmingham, England. She is now based in Edinburgh, Scotland where she graduated from the Fine Art MA course from Edinburgh College of Art with First Class Honours. Her work is concerned with traditional craft production methods including rug tufting, weaving and kniting, exploring notions and personal experience of mental health challenges.

Submitted work

Title: Dream Collage

About the work
'Dream Collage' is made up of a series of woven tapestries from my series 'Dream Weaving.' The presentation format intends to mimic the often overwhelming way in which vivid dreams are viewed, in my case, with several prominent dreams fighting to be at the forefront of my mind. The works share common themes, including extreme weather, digital anxiety and references to climate disasters. This arrangement of works also acts as one of the initial experiments for a future large scale installation, breaking away from the standard presentation of works and how placement and arrangement add to the overall reading of the works.