Anne Moses

Location: Whitby, North Yorkshire
Education: De Montfort University (Fine art)


Anne Moses is a British artist living and practicing in the U.K. Since leaving university with a degree in Fine Art she has been developing and producing work continuously.

Up until 2014 she supported her studio practice lecturing in Art and Design, managing and delivering a successful Art & Design Access to H.E Course in the North East which enabled many disadvantaged adults to return into education and gain entry into universities across the U.K. She is now a full time, professional artist.

After spending time working in relative isolation, she took the daunting (& late!) leap into the intimidating  world of gallery recognition. Gaining exposure has been a difficult and solitary journey, however, Anne is now represented in London and New York exhibiting nationally and internationally.


***Award Winner 2022 Boynes Emerging Art Prize

***Aesthetica Art Prize 2022 (finalist)

***Award Winner 2021 London Art Biennale


Submitted work

Title: Closed

About the work
My main area of interest has always been the human face and form, encompassing universal recognition of emotion and sensuality seen up close.

The two paintings  submitted are from a series of works around the theme ‘closed’, a series of works based on an image of a closed eye and the different and profound emotions this can portray.

Both works play with a move towards abstraction from the figurative- ‘image on the edge of figuration’. A closed eye is a very familiar image to all of us but looked at in extreme close up it almost becomes a pattern of beautiful, intricate skin marks and lines - an ‘eyescape’.

The paintings are executed in many layers of transparent colour oil glazes on canvas, a massive, accidental breakthrough technique for me which I have been developing and researching for the last 5-6 years.

"I am very honoured and grateful to be considered for this prestigious award.

Coming from the North East gaining exposure for my work after a career in teaching has been a daunting, solitary journey and successes have been hard won with dogged determination.

This Award would pay great dividends in real terms of being able to further promote and expose my practice but also and, just as important, it would give validation to me as an artist.”