Ella van der Straaten

Location: Nottingham

Ella van der Straaten is a British artist and 2022 Fine Art Graduate from NTU. Born and raised in Basildon Essex. With a worldview shaped by growing up in what the Echo News describes as 'the worst place to live in the county', she learnt to look inward to understand her true feelings about growing up on a council estate.

The artist finds beauty in the everyday, continuouslycollecting photographs of moments, graffiti and others' disregarded belongings as inspiration for my work. Seeking out remnants of humanity that people leave behind in order to continuously develop her relationship with the spirit of the estate.

Using expressive and creamy brushstrokes, Ella intends to insert an element of herself into every painting, subtly making the presence of the maker visible in the work. The artist is currently experimenting with ways to change how audiences interact with paintings. 


Submitted work

Title: The Walk from Town to Estate

About the work
An installation that offers an insight into the scenes and characters that I encounter on my walk home through the council estate that I live in.

Using oil paint on Reboard with found objects to bring oil painting into the 3D. 

“I am so overjoyed to be shortlisted for UKNA! To know that people are understanding and engaging with my work is the best part for me. Winning this prize would mean the world to me, and really would push me to keep expanding my practice and increase my ambition in my work.”