Edward Rollitt

Location: Winchester


Edward Rollitt (b. 1998) is a male artist born in the south of England, living and working in London. He is a recent graduate in sculpture from the Royal college of art. Prior to this he studied History of art whilst working alongside antique dealers and interior designers.

Taking his acute understanding for interior space and the objects that define them, Rollitt builds rooms. Historically-inspired, full-scale interiors; scenes of the home, where his emotions and experiences take the guise of fictional characters. They bathe, dine and have tea parties. Sourcing and making objects to furnish these scenes, he then photographs them, freezing the interior in a moment of time.

The humanity of objects is a principal interest to the artist and his work encourages us to examine our own relationships with the objects in our daily lives. How do objects become part of us? What past lives have they lived and what of us remains within them when we go?


Submitted work

Title: Lucei De Yavington 

About the work

Lucei De Yavington is my relationship with home; uprooted, dishevelled and cluttered, romantic, beautiful and full of life. The uprooted dollhouse, the crumbling castle, the pair of three meter long knitted stockings. It is captured, a moment in time, frozen. 

‘’I am expressing my experience of the present age through distorted and subverted visions of the past. To look inwards is to find peace, to look inwards is also to find distress and trauma, our inner emotions are reality and I find making art the way to connect to that reality. The characters that inhabit my rooms are feelings; of sorrow, that yearning for home, of loneliness and desire. The characters are parts of me. I am the plate that is cracked, the red healed velvet shoes and the rickety old chair.’’