Kieran Leach

Location: Manchester


Kieran Leach (b. 1994) is an artist based in Manchester, UK, predominantly working in sculpture.

Kieran's work encounters elements of every day, online, and 'art world' cultures, which are abstracted, condensed, and often satirized. From playful sculptural forms to modified ready-mades, his work employs a strong aesthetic sensibility and commonly approaches works with a humorous or paradoxical slant. His sculptures are varied, exploring notions such as artifice, language, cartoon physics, and the absurd.

Submitted work

Title: Trivial Pursuit

About the work

Trivial pursuit, 2021 explores paradoxical notions of growth, transitions and aspirations. It’s almost fetishised appearance alludes to the appeal of external accomplishments, often misleadingly perceived as the "greener grass" elsewhere. The stagnant nature of the work contradicts the idea of fulfilled fast-faced lifestyle. Conversely, the transitional colours and orchid emerging from the motorbike's front speaks to processes of inner growth through stillness and introspection.