Parham Ghalamdar 

Location: Manchester


Parham Ghalamdar was born in Tehran, Iran and currently lives and works in Manchester.

He obtained his MA degree in painting from the Manchester School of Art in 2021.

Recent selected solo exhibitions include HOME, Manchester (2023); Granada Foundation Galleries, Manchester (2022); and Caustic Coastal, Manchester (2021). Recent selected duo and group exhibitions include Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2023); Bankley Gallery, Manchester (2022); The Whitaker Museum, Rosendale (2023); Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (2022); and Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester (2022).

Ghalamdar is a recent recipient of UK New Artist bursary, DYCP grant, and Innovative Grant. Ghalamdar’s work is held in the collections of the University Of Salford Art Collection, Government Art Collection.

Submitted work

Title: Tents: Metaphorical Portraits of Asylum Seekers 

About the work
I'm presenting a series of paintings which explore displacement, asylum-seeking, and identity. Through metaphorical figures and portraits of the displaced, I aim to capture the experience of the journey to seek asylum hoping for greener grass in pursuit of dreams.

The process of seeking asylum and dreaming entails individuals stepping into the unknown, leaving behind the familiar and venturing into uncharted territories. This element of risk and uncertainty permeates my paintings, infusing them with a mysterious atmosphere.

The symbol of the tent, a temporary structure, embodies resilience and challenges the notion of permanence. It queerly disrupts the landscape, representing the hope for a better future. Within the tent's shelter, individuals find solace, sleep, and dream, escaping the harsh realities they face outside.

The paintings reflect the deep longing for a brighter tomorrow, whether it be safety and or self-fulfilment. They embody the courage and determination required to leave one's home country and confront the unknown. The tent serves as a visual reminder of the challenges and aspirations.

In summary, my paintings capture the essence of displacement through metaphorical figures and portraits. The tent, with its temporality and symbolic power, challenges the notion of permanence and embodies the resilience and longing for a better future.

"Through every brushstroke, I've carried the stories of my homeland and the journey of seeking refuge. Being a finalist in the Robert Walters Group UK New Artist of the Year is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling. It reminds us that even in exile, our voices find home and resonate across borders."