Our opportunity to make a difference

Being good corporate citizens has always been a core part of the way we do business, but we can't be complacent — we are always looking for ways to improve, from ensuring ethical business practices across the Group to promoting a diverse and inclusive global workforce, both within our business as well as to the thousands of clients and candidates with whom we work.

Our responsibility as an employer

We understand the impact we have on the professional and personal lives of the thousands of people we employ worldwide. That's why we remain committed to being a responsible employer, looking out for the welfare and happiness of our employees, as well as powering them to fulfil their own unique potential.


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Data privacy and security

The safety and security of personal data has never been more important. The Robert Walters Group takes a proactive approach to safeguarding the data that we're entrusted with by our clients, candidates and colleagues, and maintains a robust framework of policies and procedures to ensure personal privacy is upheld.


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Operating ethically and responsibly

Part of the Group’s responsibility as an industry leader is to maintain the highest ethical standards in all our operations, as outlined in our Ethical Conduct Policy. We also maintain a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and bribery, which applies to all directors, employees and contractors undertaking work on behalf of the Group.

With regards to our impact on the wider workforce and society at large, the Group is committed to protecting all workers’ rights in accordance with local labour legislation, and we remain vigilant for signs of slavery and human trafficking.

Browse our policy library to learn more about the Group's corporate governance and how we maintain ethical business practices in all we do.

Our policy library documents the Group's approach on a range of ESG themes and criteria.

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Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is key to our success, as well as our clients and candidates.

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Doing our part to build a diverse global workforce

An inclusive workforce is a strong workforce. When people feel free to be their authentic selves at work, their ability to create and innovate is unhindered. In turn, their unique perspectives and experiences open up new ways for businesses to grow and achieve more.

At the Robert Walters Group, we recognise the power of diversity and the role it can play in enabling each of our clients, candidates and colleagues to fulfil their unique potential.

Visit our Diversity hub to learn more about how we're building an inclusive workforce and helping our clients to do the same.

Our people and culture

We have always enjoyed a strong global culture that unites each country and office where we work.

While the global pandemic has presented several challenges in 2020 and beyond, we have been particularly proud of the dedication and loyalty of our people, which has played a key role in helping the business get through this challenging period, and has been a testament to the strength of our culture and our reputation as an employer of choice.

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Our people-focused culture strengthens the business and helps us secure our future.

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