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Mental health and high-performance: lessons from a pro athlete

For World Mental Health Day, Cory Paterson, our Sales Executive at Resource Solutions and former professional athlete, offers priceless insights on nurturing mental well-being in high-performance settings.

Tomorrow’s most in demand skills

The pandemic and current economic climate have prompted employers to review their workforce’s skills. Working with hiring managers first hand we reveal the skills needed for workforces to thrive in the future.

Empowering the women of Tsavo through farming and business innovation

Molly Bedingfield, founder and CEO of Global Angels, shares how innovative farming and business practices empower the local women of Tsavo, Kenya, to build a sustainable future.

goodjob empowers displaced Ukrainian women by forging a route into tech

Dana Okomaniuk, consultant at Robert Walters and co-founder of goodjob, shares how the platform is empowering displaced Ukrainian women by helping them find work within the global tech industry.

If you have a brain you have a bias, but why?

We asked Jay Rai, an Empowerment Specialist, to share with you the science of why and how you are unconsciously biased, along with ways we can overcome gender biases frequently found within the world of work.

How I combat unconscious bias in the workplace

Hailey Bell is a director at BP. We asked Hailey to share her career story and top tips for combating gender bias in the workplace.