Welcome to the Act Like a Start-up and Win The War on Talent Podcast Series

For the past 20 years or more, the so-called war for talent has been raging across the corporate world with a plethora of books and articles appearing on how companies can best attract and retain the talent they need. 

In this podcast series, Robert Walters interviews some start-up leaders to gather insights on the characteristics that make them more attractive to professionals, and how more established organisations can incorporate these to win the war for talent. 



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Act Like a Start-up Podcast Episode 6: Liveware

In this episode, we’re talking talent with Tom McKay who is the co-founder and managing director of Livewire. If that name rings a bell for you, then it might be because Livewire was recently named in the AFR’s Fast 100, which recognizes Australia’s fastest-growing companies.

Act Like a Start-up Podcast Episode 5: Ricardo Chavero, CEO at Networth

A start-up culture is a workplace environment that values creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy. It is mostly known for being creative, laid back instead of rigid and passion driven. In this pillar, Ricardo Chavero, CEO at Networth, explained how to build a strong organizational culture, even with remote teams and find the professionals aligned to the vision and values of the company.

Act Like a Startup Podcast Episode 4: Eli Bernal, Innovation Director at Tranxfer

As most start-ups start from scratch, employees are open to develop and create new products, services and processes and keep innovating them. In this pillar, Eli Bernal, Innovation Director at Tranxfer shares how to create an innovative culture, what techniques companies can use to develop new products/services and how to embrace failures.

Act Like a Startup Podcast Episode 3: Tomás Bercovich, CEO and Co-Founder at Global 66

Start-ups are known for offering great benefits, flexibility, diverse work schedule, as well as innovative and dynamic work environment. Tomás Bercovich, CEO at Global 66, shares what benefits are more attractive.

Act Like a Startup Podcast Episode 2: Daniela Binatti, CTO and Co-Founder at Pismo

Some professionals move to start-ups to avoid routine tasks, bureaucracy, and slow career progression. In this pillar, Daniela Binatti, CTO and Co Founder at Pismo, shares details about the challenging work environment.

Act Like a Startup Podcast Episode 1: Leanne Kemp, CEO and Co-Founder at Everledger

Working for a start-up is an alluring proposition for those seeking a challenge. In this episode, Leanne Kemp, CEO and Co Founder at Everledger explain how the talent and growth plan can help to attract and retain the best talent.