2 August 2021

Robert Walters recognised as ‘Employer of Choice’ in South East Asia

HRD Employer of Choice Award

Robert Walters South East Asia has been named an  Employer of Choice 2021 by Human Resources Director (HRD) magazine, in recognistion of the initiatives and actions  taken to support and empower employees throughout the global pandemic. 

During times of unprecedented personal and professional challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual award by HRD Asia magazine ranked Robert Walters South East Asia highly in the areas of employee engagement, employee tenure and low levels of voluntary turnover over the last year. Success in enabling strong connections among employees within the new virtual world of work was particularly recognised.

“I’m delighted and proud that Robert Walters was named ‘Employer of Choice 2021’ across South East Asia,” said Tricia Tan, HR Director – South East Asia at Robert Walters. “With remote working, it’s even more important to foster personal connections within teams. Employees miss being with each other in the office – the incidental water cooler conversations, the collaborative, fun and social office culture. 

“Being together physically and working as a team is irreplaceable, and what makes a big part of our culture is the face-to-face interaction, so we made efforts to replicate our physical face-to-face culture online.”

“Sustaining an ‘employer of choice’ status in the post-pandemic workplace is a marathon and not a sprint,” Tricia adds. “It’s an effort that requires constant attention, reviews and collaboration to be timely and matched to the organisation’s present needs and purpose. This effort evolves with the needs and wants of our employees and the organisation. The post-pandemic workplace presents a huge focus on the future of work, which will be radically different from pre-pandemic times.”

Managing Director of Robert Walters South East Asia, Gerrit Bouckaert, said: “This award further reiterates our commitment to the same principles that have driven our success from the very beginning – a strong team-based culture that puts clients and candidates first, a passion for quality in all we do, a commitment to treating people with integrity and an innovative spirit that propels us to constantly improve. These values are the driving force in our mission to be the world’s leading specialist professional recruitment firm.”  

Robert Walters South East Asia was one of only 21 organisations in Asia which were acknowledged for their achievements and shortlisted as HRD’s ‘Employers of Choice for 2021’. April 2021 saw the initial call for submissions, with judging held from May 2021. Companies were judged on their efforts and accomplishments across areas such as leadership, learning and development, wellbeing, flexibility, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance and recruitment both qualitatively and quantitatively. These aspects make up the core facets of HR, as well as being some of the new and very prominent challenges employers currently face due to the emergence of the pandemic.  

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