4th October 2016

Robert Walters a top 30 consulting and services company

Robert Walters staff hold up Fenac award

Robert Walters has been included in the list of the top 30 best companies in the consulting and services sector in Spain. The recognition, awarded by the National Federation of Consulting (FENAC), recognises excellence, leadership and internal talent within the consulting and professional services industry.

The list is made up of 30 companies in the consulting and services sector, and is the result of both qualitative and quantitative analysis of more than 300 firms. The awards aim to highlight companies whose work provides innovation and efficiency to companies in the production sector, thus improving their productivity and turnover, and facilitating these companies to operate better in competitive national and international markets.

A case for success

To enter the awards, each company was required to provide a successful case study to showcase how they had supported a company through innovation and excellent service. For its entry, Robert Walters discussed its work with global engineering, procurement and construction company, Tecna.

In 2014, Robert Walters successfully provided the company with a brand new management team at its Spanish base thanks to the specialist knowledge of its consultants and its 360º methodology.

Associate director of the engineering division, Raul Herrero, attended the awards presentation at the headquarters of the CEOE, on May 11th, 2016. Other companies who placed on the list include IBM, Tecnocom, Everis, TMF Group and Horwath Crowe.


The National Federation of Consulting, Bureaus and Offices (FENAC) is a member of the Board of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations, CEOE, and represents advanced business services at national level, and connects 25 associations, federations and confederations within the business sector with over 60,000 companies with 700,000 workers.

In order to recognise excellence in this sector of knowledge and its contribution to the development of the national economy, FENAC launched the ranking of the best companies in the services and consulting sector. The awards seek to highlight the work of consulting and professional services firms performed on behalf of enterprises from all sectors.

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