I'm relationships, not sales

I'm Robert Walters


I have my past to thank for where I am today. Prior to joining Robert Walters Taiwan in 2020, I worked in sales across different industries for 18 years, which allowed me to develop particular skills and framework to excel in relationship management. I also found a passion for building long-term relationships with people and making a positive impact to others by being their consultative partner. The human element that comes with my job is just indispensable.

When I started looking for the next step in my career, I asked myself: where would be the best place for me to build and expand upon my current skill set? I was very lucky to have friends and professionals that pointed me to the recruitment industry when I shared my thoughts with them; an industry which they believed I could bring strong values and make a great impact on people – including clients and candidates. The idea piqued my interest, so I started to do some research on recruitment firms in Taiwan and looked for the best opportunities.

During the extensive research, I found Robert Walters’ global expansion and wide network of clients and candidates in Taiwan very impressive. Coincidentally, one of my friends who had previously applied for Robert Walters shared with me the great interview experience he’d gone through, and how he found a lot of good qualities in this company too. That’s how Robert Walters became the first option to me and eventually I decided to go for it.

I knew it was the right place for me through interviewing and even chitchatting with different people here. The people-centric value and vibrant environment of Robert Walters were some of the biggest reasons for me to join and accelerate my career. Teamwork comes first and foremost here, I could see there is always a strong sense of pride and trust that comes from within the team and across the whole office.

I was fairly reserved when I first joined – I didn’t have much experience working for an international brand, nor in such a dynamic culture where people are encouraged to inspire each other. Luckily, I didn’t hesitate, and I look back on it now with a little bit of awe that less than two years into my recruitment career, I’ve already been promoted to senior consultant, and have interacted with clients and candidates making a positive impact to their companies and careers. I am truly grateful for my managers and team members who have inspired me to be proactive, to be brave enough to carve out my own personal brand. They are always willing to share their knowledge and experience on how to strengthen relationships, and how to work with people across the business effectively.

Apart from helping people find the right career, I have built trust with my clients, and they come to me to find the best candidates for them too. It’s really satisfying to help companies identify the right candidate fit for them and at the same time empower people to truly fulfil their unique potential. The diversity and autonomy of this industry fills every day with new challenges and eye-opening opportunities.

Working in recruitment is one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I look forward to reaching the next level and achieving more with Robert Walters. For those who enjoy connecting with people and are looking for a place where you could enjoy success with a strong team culture, don’t hesitate to talk to us. You’ll be surprised by our unique inclusiveness and most of all, the great people here.

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