Powering people and organisations to fulfil their unique potential.

That’s our purpose.

As leaders in specialist professional recruitment and recruitment process outsourcing, we have a big impact on the prosperity of people and organisations. That’s why we have a strong purpose which underlies everything we do: powering people and organisations to fulfil their unique potential.

Our purpose goes beyond doing our ‘job’. It’s the positive impact we have on our people, candidates, clients and the communities where we operate. It’s the ‘why’ behind what we do.

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What our purpose means in practice

For clients

We work together to find the best professionals for our clients, so they can reap the benefits of employees who fit their culture and values. We help our clients to build teams who consistently deliver value and unlock opportunities for their business.

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For candidates

We deepen our understanding of candidates and build long-term relationships, helping them make the right choices to build fulfilling careers; all while helping them maximise their earnings, build their sense of personal worth, and be happier.

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For colleagues

What we do matters. We listen to, value and respect everyone, and give responsibility to people early on. A career is so much more than just a job, it’s about finding meaning in what you do, and growing personally and professionally.

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For society

We’re good corporate citizens. We do business in a responsible and sustainable way that recognises diversity and inclusivity. We provide leadership, not only in what we think and do, but also in terms of the organisations and charities we support.

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With more than 3,900 employees in 31 countries around the world, we know that our diversity is our strength. We are a proud equal-opportunities employer, striving to create a working culture that recognises and celebrates the unique cultures and communities that comprise our global team.

Celebrate your success

Our teams work hard, and we believe in saying thanks for a job well done. That’s why we treat our top performers to regular team-based incentives, from days out on the slopes to nights out on the town. Plus, all qualifying high achievers are invited to our annual Incentive Weekend, an unforgettable all-expenses-paid trip to a luxury destination like Phuket, Las Vegas or Siem Reap.

Support your community

At Robert Walters, you’ll have lots of opportunities to give back. Whether its raising money for charity or volunteering at local shelters and welfare centres, our teams have fun working together to make a big impact on the communities where you live and work.

The team that plays together

Being part of a top-performing team isn’t just about smashing targets. Sometimes, it means letting loose and having a little fun — and our teams know just how to do it! From fancy-dress days at the office to sensational summer parties and more, having fun is an important part of our DNA.

Bringing our purpose to life

Each year, we send eight volunteers to Tsavo to work with the Itinyi Valley community, building critical pieces of infrastructure to support sustainable farming and provide access to clean drinking water.

We’ve also invested in building a new classroom at the local secondary school, giving students the option to further their educations, as well as a community farm centre and mill to process crops and teach people about sustainable farming practices.

While we were unable to send volunteers during the pandemic, our annual volunteer trips are now taking place again.

Isabel Evans, Business Director at Robert Walters Group, was selected to volunteer in 2019. “Quite simply the most incredible experience of my life. Eye-opening, life-changing, humbling, exhausting, tear-jerking – all at the same time” Isabel recounted. " I’m not one for clichés, but it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity which I’m honoured to have experienced."

James Flavin, lead recruiter partner from our Resource Solutions business, was also selected to volunteer in 2019. “This experience taught me that I have a responsibility in this world to do good,” James observed. "I've come back with a real sense of purpose to help others."

Loïc Vives, marketing manager for our Walters People business, saw the true collaborative partnership in action. "With the long-term investments made by the partnership the community now has tools which help it grow. The investments in education and agriculture are creating jobs and aspirations and the hope in the community is tangible and concrete. It’s really humbling to witness first-hand."

And Matt Mitchell, a managing consultant in our Robert Walters business, volunteered in 2022, and saw first-hand the impact we are having. “I was so impressed by how well developed the project farm is," he said. "It was evident there has been a huge amount of ingenuity and creativeness to develop farming practices to suit the climate.”


“We’re really passionate about coming alongside the people here in this community, and helping lift them out of poverty, and to do that, we need to be here long-term and build a really solid project that is a model that can be replicated right across the valley.”

Molly Bedingfield
Founder, Global Angels Foundation

Photos: Afshin Feiz