I'm developing faster than ever before
I'm Robert Walters

Graduating from information and computer science allowed me to plant myself quickly and firmly into the recruitment industry. Being fortunate enough to leverage my professional skills and knowledge has made my role as a recruiter within the tech and transformation team much more effortless.

The development of the internet and IoT in recent years has opened a lot of appetite for talent, with recruiters having to quickly grasp market trends and expand into reliable clients, whilst thoroughly understanding their needs to effectively secure the right candidates. All this culminates to a much more demanding environment for talent acquisition professionals. For a recruiter like me (with a relevant technical background) the ability to stay one step ahead is made much easier, as I’m able to understand industry landscapes and interpret talent in demand, which in turn helps me and my team to achieve objectives gracefully.

In the three years I’ve worked for Robert Walters, I’ve dedicated myself to achieve flying results and have received promotions every year. Apart from the edge my own professional background offered me, the support I’ve received from the management team has been indispensable in nurturing my growth from assistant consultant to senior consultant. As a fresh recruiter, I was fortunate to leverage my technical background to quickly develop strong relationships with quality candidates. I did however find it quite dauting to explore partnerships with new clients. To overcome the mental challenges I faced, my direct supervisor was incredibly encouraging provided unrelenting guidance on how best to communicate effectively with clients to build solid and lasting relationships. This transition completed transformed my career and development as a consultant.

Aside from developing personally, how a team works together and the chemistry they have is in an incredibly powerful tool in fostering growth within individual members. Each team works collaboratively to share skills and insights, all with the aim of achieving common objectives through shared knowledge and support. I found an abundance of directionality within a team of such high calibre, which in turn consolidated my conviction in fighting for my own professional future.

Apart from this, the management team offers incredible systematic and professional internal training opportunities. I was able to experience first-hand how Robert Walters realises its corporate vision of helping individuals achieve their professional goals, by helping talents seek corporates that eventually lead to their own self-actualisation.

I’m certain there are many others with a similar technical background as I, (or of other technical fields), who could capitalise greatly on their professional education by turning it into a successful career in recruitment. With the support of Robert Walters, I believe that you will be able to break new and unprecedented grounds in your professional path ahead.

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