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Since my first day at Robert Walters, the systematic training I’ve received has allowed and supported me in making leaps and bounds within my professional career.

Prior to joining, I’d had no experience with a structured training program to aid the development of my skills and knowledge. With Robert Walters, every part of the end-to-end recruitment workflow is broken down into practical training modules, allowing consultants to fully grasp every detail of the profession – this has really helped me to be more composed when liaising with clients and potential candidates. Every consultant on our team, from the apprentice stage through to becoming a senior veteran, is taught multiple escalation paths, and varied responsive measures to help resolve obstacles with both confidence and a deep understanding of any issue, at any point of their career.  

Having access to a continuing, multidimensional training program allows me to constantly further myself and develop my professional skills, which I can then best utilise when helping my clients and their potential candidates.

In addition to providing the professional training required, Robert Walters adopts a variety of other training methods to nurture an already comprehensively capable individual. Examples are such as round tables, where consultants come together to freely share their experiences; or internal workshops, in which senior leaders communicate their personal work and management insights; or even mock scenarios, where consultants role play with each other as both candidates and clients for a hands-on communication drill. You also have access to supplementary training in areas such as time management, legal knowledge and financial understanding. With such comprehensive support, consultants are all-the-more equipped to deliver an increased service, whilst being able to handle difficult and challenging tasks within their talent acquisition projects.

Every time I deep dive into learning about different corporates and industries, I make a point to retain the initial passion I had from when I first entered recruitment, whilst actively seeking breakthroughs and innovation with my team.

Robert Walters periodically offers training sessions in corporate culture and industry development, allowing employees to gain insight into professional cultures from different global regions, as well as learning about market prospects and trends. These development opportunities have given me the confidence to overcome obstacles at every turn, either through a personal or team effort. I can deliver what my candidates and clients need, still with the same initial sense of mission I had from when I first entered recruitment.

At Robert Walters, you can always expect the most comprehensive and systematic support. It is from having received this support myself, that I am incredibly passionate about pushing this onward and encouraging my team, my clients and their candidates to share the same spirit. We are eager to welcome all those who wish to be part of this mutual endeavour towards excellence.

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