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From accelerated progression to exciting careers around the world, find out how our people are fulfilling their unique potential with a career in recruitment at Robert Walters.

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I’m developing faster than ever before, I’m Robert Walters

Andrea, a passionate advocate of learning, is thrilled to have discovered an organisation that is fully dedicated to career development and provides comprehensive training programs to support both personal and professional growth.

I’m the call that changes a life, I’m Robert Walters

Switching careers to recruitment was a bold step for Franco, but he finds immense gratitude in the ability to make positive impacts and create meaningful change in the lives of others.

I’m part of the community

Embark on Shihua's journey of career transformation at Robert Walters, where a strong brand and a people-centric culture redefine work satisfaction. She shares the impact of collaboration, personal growth, and a supportive community that propels individuals towards shared success.

I’m relationships, not sales

Embracing a people-centric approach, Elise shares her commitment to genuine connections, trust-building, and making a positive impact on lives. Join her in challenging the stereotype of recruitment as solely target-driven, and learn how Robert Walters' values align with her passion for supporting individuals in their career development journey.

I’m real-world expertise

Moving from a career in tax to recruitment was a huge shift for Piyatas Suthapornpat, but he quickly discovered he could draw upon his past real-world experience, even as he is now embedded in the digital sector.

I’m the difference between daydreams and dream jobs

Phuc Pham was drawn to recruitment as he wanted to make an impact on talent and companies. With Robert Walters’s strong reputation, Phuc shares how he is connecting with top talent and helping them reach their next career milestones.

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