An award-winning employer of choice

As an employer, the Group is dedicated to offering long-term careers of purpose to our employees, and we recognise the unique contribution and value that each person brings to our team.

Despite the pandemic, we remain committed to offering our people long-term careers, and in 2021, we promoted 786 employees, 55% of which were women, and delivered over 280 leadership coaching sessions globally. By retaining the best talent, we are better able to build a loyal client and candidate base for our business, ensuring lasting, sustainable growth.

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"We continued to demonstrate our dedication to developing our employees, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. We partnered with over 100 members of our management team, providing them with tailored coaching to help them lead effectively through the pandemic."

Indy Lachhar | Group Talent Development Director

Employee engagement enabled by technology

Our ability to keep our employees engaged and connected has been underpinned by our strong technology infrastructure. Fortunately, we were well prepared for remote working, which was necessitated by the pandemic, as we’d previously completed a global rollout of Microsoft Surface Pros, so we were able to seamlessly transition our people to working from home, and now to hybrid working.

We use Workplace, Microsoft Teams and Zoom to stay connected and support our culture while working remotely and in the office. Our teams have shared lunch-and-learn sessions, quizzes, virtual Friday drinks, coffee break trainings and business development days, as well as celebrating Black History Month and Pride online and in the office. These tools even allowed us to run our annual Global Charity Day, with some fundraising activities taking place virtually. It has also enabled the Group's leadership team to keep communicating with all our people through video updates and live Q&A sessions.

Supporting employee wellbeing

Throughout the year, we have been very conscious of the impact that the pandemic and related pressures could have on our employees’ mental health. We have encouraged our people to make use of our global Employee Assistance Programme, which offers counselling to any employee who may need it.

We were also proactive in producing materials on preventing workplace burnout and managing mental health in the remote workplace, which we shared with our people. Our HR teams have also shared wellbeing advice and resources on Workplace to support employees throughout this period.

"The idea of working in recruitment was put forward to me when I came to Robert Walters as a candidate working overseas. I didn’t think I met any of the prerequisites needed to be a recruiter; nonetheless, the consultant I met with could see my potential."

Kimberlyn Lu | Country Manager, Robert Walters Malaysia & Philippines

Growing an inclusive culture

While the last two years have shown that our culture is a strength, we’re also aware that we can do more to improve, especially in the area of equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I). In September 2020, the Group's Operating Board appointed Pearn Kandola to conduct a global review of our ED&I policies and practices, and recommend improvements across all areas of our strategy, including creating a global ED&I council, inclusive leadership training for directors and above and ED&I manager training. 

We had a high level of engagement from employees with over 1,500 people completing the survey and nearly 100 individuals taking part in the focus groups.

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"The Group has always supported me with coaching, mentoring and unique opportunities throughout my career. Now, as CEO, I'm passionate about developing our home-grown talent and helping our people progress through the business, just as I have done."

Norma Gillespie | CEO, Resource Solutions