Supporting the transition to a sustainable economy

We're committed to supporting the businesses and sectors that will drive the transition to a sustainable economy, as well as helping those companies that are working to improve their ESG impact, by focusing on working with clients in sustainable sectors, as well as placing roles that support a transitioning economy.

We are also in a unique position to provide access to data-driven insights and research relating to ESG, recruitment and the future of work, meaning that we are well placed to help businesses find and retain the people needed to secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our targets

Agree ESG categorisation framework to measure sustainable and responsible business placements.

Increase number of engagements by clients, candidates and employees with our ESG thought leadership.

Launch our employee sustainability ESG for Hiring Audit 

Our ESG for Hiring Audit

Increasingly, the ability to attract top talent is linked to a business’s ability to communicate and deliver on its ESG commitments. Existing ESG frameworks focus on measuring ESG actions and outcomes in relation to investments or government interventions, but nothing existed to help businesses understand how their ESG strategy interacts with their employee value proposition and employer brand.

To address this, our Group Innovation team developed a new consultancy service offering, the ESG for Hiring Audit, to help businesses understand which elements of ESG are important to employees, how their company performs in these areas and how effectively they are communicating their ESG strategy and results to their employees and potential employees to help attract and retain the best skilled talent.

The ESG for Hiring Audit is truly innovative in its focus on ESG in relation to the employee value proposition, and as the world moves to a sustainable economy, businesses that wish to attract and retain the best talent will need to be able to honestly and authentically communicate to potential employees how they are reducing their environmental impact, serving their local communities and ensuring they act as a responsible and ethical business.

Accessing early careers talent for job changers 

Our Accelerate programme is delivered to clients through our Resource Solutions business and finds and trains untapped, highpotential talent to help businesses rapidly upscale their recruitment project teams.

We attract graduates and other entry-level candidates from diverse backgrounds and provide them with accredited training to equip them with technical skills and commercial experience so they can be deployed into client organisations.

Accelerate also promotes re-skilling, career change and social mobility. Consultants are supported by mentors throughout the programme to help them develop successful recruitment careers, and the programme helps clients improve diversity in their own organisations

Helping people return to the workforce after a career break

The Covid pandemic saw a rapid shift to hybrid working, with many employers embracing this approach as a permanent way of working. This newfound flexibility opened up access to talent pools who may have previously been excluded from the workforce, for example, opportunities for women with parenting and caring responsibilities, as women still take on a greater proportion of these responsibilities.

In 2022 our Rejoin Talent programme helped employers to fill skills gaps by introducing them to a pool of experienced professionals who are returning to the workforce after an extended career break – whether that be from raising a family or fulfilling caring responsibilities. The programme supports participants through their transition back into the workforce, helping them to return with confidence. In 2022, over 120 people went through our Rejoin Talent programme. 

ESG thought leadership

Working with a wide range of clients and candidates across the world, we are uniquely positioned to understand and interpret the sentiment, trends and changes impacting recruitment and the future world of work.

We are able to provide data-driven insights and analysis, using our own proprietary data, publicly available insights and the subject matter expertise of our experienced recruitment specialists, to help businesses and candidates navigate the changing recruitment landscape as we transition to an ESG-informed economy. Some of our recent publications include: 

ESG labour market and hiring trends 

An extensive data analysis of job vacancies and hiring activityof the immediate and future growth potential of jobs related to ESG, CSR, diversity and inclusion and corporate governance. 

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Empowering people to deliver ESG transformation

With ESG high on the agendas of boards and senior leadership teams, we explore the strategic, cultural and workforce drivers that will enable the change needed for business to meet their ESG objectives.

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10 technologies building a more diverse workforce

Explore new tech tools helping business access new pools of talent and helping them to prepare for the future world of work, as well as our solutions for cultivating an inclusive workforce.

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