Aimee Melaugh

Location: Derry
Education: Belfast School of Art (Fine art)

Aimee Melaugh is a painter based in Derry, she received a First Class BA Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting in 2018 from the Belfast School of Art. Melaugh was a recipient of the Belfast Print Workshop Residency Award in 2018 and has since exhibited at Platform Arts Belfast, PS² Belfast and the ArtisAnn Gallery. She has had a solo exhibition at The Glassworks, Derry, supported by the Arts Council Northern Ireland and has recently completed an artist residency with Art Arcadia in June 2021. Her work is included in public collections such as the Belfast School of Art, The Arts Council Northern Ireland’s permanent collection and the Northern Ireland Civil Service Art collection.

Submitted work

Title: Supporting Cast

About the work
‘Supporting Cast’ is a large scale oil painting based on false identities. The painting playfully hints at narcissistic tendencies and examines the idea of exposing someone’s true authentic form after their mask has slipped and everything has been stripped away. ‘Supporting Cast’ was inspired by the idea of how narcissists often cast victims to play a role in their life, merely for their own self gain. A mask can be seen in the centre of the painting, hinting at how narcissists often have tendencies to cover up their true self with a disguise. The painting develops around this focal point through an explosion of objects such as a balloon and rubik’s cube which portray a sense of naivety and hint at child-like games