Jacob Talkowski

Location: Norfolk


Talkowski recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MA in Sculpture, and received his BA(Hons) in Sculpture in 2018. Throughout he has worked to develop a teaching practice - tutoring foundation students in Norfolk, and working with multiple universities to tutor undergraduates in the greater London area. In October he displayed public work in Battersea Park in a project to rethink the space occupied by the Hepworth sculpture. He has also produced limited editions for House of Voltaire. 

Talkowski has also taken part in various panels and events as a speaker, including for the WorkingClassCreativesDatabase (of which he is a member), a-n The Artists Information Company, and British Art Network. He has exhibited across the UK, producing site sensitive works for venues such as House of Vans London.


Submitted work

Title: Untitled

About the work

The work utilises takeaway containers as a symbol of working class identity and sets them into a situation that questions architecture, construction, value, and skill. The status quo is questioned at its urban core - who are we building for? Presenting a precarity in its lightness, my sculpture mirrors the fragile futures we project.

Ultimately, I am unpacking and investigating how the edges of things exist from the lens of someone raised on the edge of both the land and the socioeconomic systems at play.

What is potential? And what happens at the edge?

“It's time for something that isn't wall-based to win, and I've just the work for it - I want to be the next Artist of the Year for all of the discarded takeaway containers we see crumpled at the side of the road, how relatable you are!”