Sofia Laskari

Location: London


Sofia is a young artist that has recently graduated from University of Arts London.

Lately she has been working on oil painting series "Body and flesh", that partly was shown in galleries around the UK, such as South Park Galleries, RBSA Gallery and London Biennale 2023.

She was published in her first magazine "Start in Art" in 2020 and "Art Market Magazine" 2021.

Submitted work

Title: Happy Birthday

About the work

This work holds a lot of personal meaning, that could be translated and touched by many. The work describes the state of physical and mental state of a person, that goes/went through a lot. A painting presents a not very cheerful imagery that brings a lot of questions from the viewers point of view.

β€˜β€™To be spotted by such a big artistic organisation in the UK is a massive achievement for me, that gives me motivation to work further and hopefully deliver important messages to our society through art.’’